Native Title

Advice in Native title Negotiations for the granting of mining leases and infrastructure licences as well as attend and head your negotiation.

Other Land Holder

Advice on other land owner issues. E.g. Pastoralists, private landowners and Farmers along with the use of compensation agreements.

Mining Act Compliance

Expertise in completing all Mining Act statutory tenement reporting & compliances. Assist in the compilation of Risk Management plans & Mine Management Plans in the Northern Territory.

Aboriginal Heritage

Advice on completing and negotiating Aboriginal Heritage agreements. Advice on conducting Aboriginal heritage surveys and liaison with Aboriginal representative bodies.

Land Acquisition and Strategic Management

Compilation of tenement applications for picking up ground in a quick effective manner to give you the edge on your competitors. Advice on Strategic land holding to maintain your tenure position.

Providing advice for advanced exploration projects up to and beyond mining. Tenement due diligence for project acquisitions and joint ventures. Provide advice in the disposal of tenement assets and purchase of specific commodity projects.

Compilation & drafting of Access agreements to protect your interests. Attending wardens court to negotiate best outcomes for you.

Managing your greatest assets.

At the MMWC Group we use the most up to date software specifically designed for the management of tenements. The product is Lease Control. By using this software we are able to ensure that statutory and general compliance dates are met and that reminders are provided well in advance of the required date.

  • Tracking, reporting and alerts for administration of tenure.
  • Manage single or multiple jurisdictions, local or global, from a central point.
  • Single, consistent view of tenement and agreement status.
  • Business flow actions configured for tenure and agreement requirements.
  • Action list of due dates and anniversaries.
  • Configurable task automation and alert escalation.
  • Inbuilt reporting and query builder with output to Word, Excel, csv, pdf.
  • Integrate with systems such as Google, GIS and financial packages.
  • Simple export and import function for tenure information.
  • Ability to link documents.