Project Evaluation & Review

  • Rapid first pass evaluation through to extensive due diligence on grass roots to advanced development project.
  • Specialist project evaluation team with significant corporate and multi-disciplinary technical evaluation capabilities.
  • Extensive range of project opportunities available to clients across all commodities, asset development stages and jurisdictions.

Statutory reporting and permitting

  • Reporting for mineral tenure in accordance with each state’s relevant Mining Act within required timeframes.
  • Applications for exemption from expenditure, waiver of reduction, extensions of term, drafting of programs of works.
  • Active management of Combined Reporting Groups.

Research & Development

  • Assistance with development of research and development programs, which may be eligible for up to 45% cash rebates.
  • Application for Exploration Incentive Schemes (EIS) which are up to dollar for dollar funding of drilling activities.

Marketing and Promotion

  • Drafting of presentation quality maps and images.
  • Preparation of ASX announcements in accordance with JORC Guidelines.
  • Preparation of Information Memorandums and Presentations.
  • Peer analysis and market research.
  • Introductions to brokers, high net worth investors and institutional investors.

Exploration Project Management

  • Acquisition and compilation of historical exploration data for projects within Australia and abroad.
  • Audit and review of exploration projects.
  • Detailed regolith and geochemical interpretation services to assist with exploration targeting and planning.
  • Exploration targeting, planning, implementation and interpretation.
  • Advanced health, safety, environment and community development operating practices.