Our Practice

All Mining Legal is a resources legal practice with significant experience and expertise with acting for the energy and resources industry.

Our legal practice is focused on a range of contractual, tenure and safety issues that affect exploration and mining operations. We advise on:

  • All aspects of disputes relating to the enforceability, performance and termination of contracts including heads of agreements, farm-in arrangements, offtake agreements and exploration and production joint ventures.
  • All aspects of proceedings before the Mining Warden under the Mining Act 1978 (WA).
  • Proceedings for judicial review of administrative decisions of the Mining Warden and Minister for Mines and Petroleum.
  • Mines safety and occupational health and safety issues including compliance with, and audits of, safety obligations, crisis response management, Departmental investigations and prosecutions into serious injuries and fatalities on mine sites.
  • Drafting of alternative Aboriginal heritage agreements.
  • Full native title co-operation agreements.

Our experience

  • Acting in commercial disputes.
  • Acting and advising in relation to:
    - applications for mining tenements
    - objections to tenement applications
    - applications for forfeiture
    - exemption applications
    - restoration applications
    - royalty disputes
    - disputes over caveatable interests
    - compensation claims
    - statutory and tenement condition breaches
    - termination of competing applications under section 111A of the Mining Act by the Minister for Mines and Petroleum.
  • Advising companies on their rights under State Agreements.